In 1994, James Gilyard formed Generativity, a musician’s cooperative. The goal of the organization is to provide creative resources and guidance for North Texas musicians who want to record as a way of documenting their work and reaching a wider audience. The concept is quite simple; the organization produces recordings and channels any proceeds back into projects for other artists. To date, recordings have been produced for James Gilyard, Don Ambrose, Gregory Slavin, Robert Aberg and Sandra Kaye and Simone Jackson. Generativity projects have provided recording exposure for over twenty Dallas/Fort Worth jazz musicians. Other projects are in the works. The ability to record is a valuable resource for a musician and often results in additional opportunities for live performances. Generativity artists are very active in the Dallas/Fort Worth music scene and serve as bandleaders as well as sidemen in some of the areas most recognized groups. Generativity strives to improve the quality of our products with each new recording. Generativity is dedicated to producing music "that doesn't leave the casual listener behind". James Gilyard
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